Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Sponsored Video: Updated! Want to be an expert in Seduction? Learn with an exclusive webserie starring Expert James Charm sponsored by Joop!

Hi boys and girls! This post/video sponsored by Joop! is definitely for the single chaps out there; it's especially for the chaps who are as good at seduction as a chocolate fire guard is at protecting you from getting burned!

On occasions have you gone out for the night, seen the possible "girl of your dreams" but haven't had the balls to go up to her and say hi? Then this video will definitely help! Especially when the "girl of your dreams" is with another fella! Don't just presume this guy is her man, he could be like you, single but with more balls! You won't want to be left the next day sulking and moaning that you're still single when you could have tried to do something about it!

This webserie is a tongue and cheek way for guys to spice up their love and sex lives. Progressing from "student" to expert in seduction, James Charm other videos include, how to hit on a girl in a supermarket, how to do a sensual massage, and how to make a move in an elevator. The other videos can be found on YouTube in English and German, also through Joop! Facebook fan page.

I hope you enjoyed the video, here is the next updated instalement!

I will shortly be writing a review on Joop! Homme, so please keep an eye out for this. Hope you enjoyed the video and found it as funny as I did.

Thanks for reading and watching, and if you fancy leaving me a comment please do.

The Chap : )

Sponsored by Joop!

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